Attack against ally Yordles have a chance to miss. Also dodges On-hit effects.
3: 30% Chance to Miss
6: 55% Chance to Miss


Attacks generate stacks of Fury (stacks up to 5 times). Each stack of Fury gives 10% Attack Speed.
2: Wild Allies Only
4: All Allies


3: Void units now deal True Damage


1: Robots start combat at full mana


2: Curse a random enemy at the start of combat, setting their HP to 100


3: Earn up to 4 additional gold after combat against another player


The Ninja Trait is only active when you have exactly 1 or 4 Ninjas.
1: Ninja gains +40 Attack Damage and Ability Power
4: All Ninjas gain +60 Attack Damage and Ability Power


+60 Armor and Magic Resist. Heal 35 health per attack.
3: 1 Random Ally
6: All Allies


Imperials deal Double Damage.
2: One Random Imperial
4: All Imperials


When combat begins, launch a pulse bomb that disables items for some time.
2: 5 seconds
4: 15 seconds


Attacks from Glacials have a chance to stun for 2s.
2: 20% Chance to Stun
4: 30% Chance to Stun
6: 45% Chance to Stun


1: If an Exile has no adjacent allies at the start of combat, they gain a shield equal to 100% of their maximum health

2: Dragons are 83% immune to Magic damage


Attacks from Demons have a chance to burn all of an enemy’s mana and deal that much true damage.
2: 20% Chance to Mana Burn
4: 35% Chance to Mana Burn
6: 60% Chance to Mana Burn


Sorcerers gain double mana from attacking and allies have increased spell damage.
3: +45% spell damage.
6: +100% spell damage.


Shapeshifters gain bonus maximum Health when they transform.
3: 60% Bonus Maximum Health
6: 120% Bonus Maximum Health


Rangers have a chance to double their attack speed for the next 3s.
2: 25% Chance to Double Attack Speed
4: 65% Chance to Double Attack Speed

All allies ignore damage.
2: 15 Damage Ignored
4: 30 Damage Ignored
6: 55 Damage Ignored


After attacking, Gunslingers have a 50% chance to fire additional attacks.
2: Attack 1 other enemy
4: Attack 2 other enemies
6: Attack 3 other enemies


2: At the start of combat, all adjacent allies receive +50 armor per stack. Guardians don’t buff themselves.


Elementalists gain double mana from attacks.
3: At the start of combat, summon a Golem with 2200 HP.


Brawlers receive bonus maximum health.
2: 300 Bonus Health
4: 700 Bonus Health
6: 1200 Bonus Health


Blademasters have a 35% chance to strike additional times each attack.
3: 1 Extra Attack
6: 2 Extra Attacks
9: 4 Extra Attacks


Assassins leap to the farthest enemy at the start of combat and deal additional Critical Strike Damage.
3: +125% critical strike damage.
6: +350% critical strike damage.