Underlords Update 30 August 2019


  • Contraptions are placeable items.
  • Contraptions, when on the board, behave like regular units. You can drag them around, and they affect gameplay in combat.
  • Contraptions do not count against the unit cap.


  • Tier 5 units are now Aces. Each is the capstone to its associated alliance.
  • Each Ace unit, in addition to its regular abilities, offers a new Ace effect that is enabled when you have at least one level of its associated alliance.
  • When at least one level of that alliance is enabled, when an Ace unit appears in the shop, the odds of it being the Ace unit associated with that alliance is increased by 15%.


  • Improvements to the Friends UI.
  • Remove most cases of unexpected unit deselection.
  • You can now see the the next level’s odds of finding a particular hero.
  • Unit status panel now shows correct armor values during combat.


  • Speculative fix for Anti-Mage sometimes not doing damage while attacking.
  • Improvements to AI pathing.



  • Alliance changed from Human Assassin to Human Deadeye Assassin.

Bounty Hunter:

  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [45, 90, 180] to [50, 100, 200].
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [60, 120, 240] to [70, 140, 280].


  • Draft Tier changed from 4 to Ace for the Warlock Alliance.
  • Alliances changed from Brawny Shaman Warlock to Brawny Warlock.
  • Maximum Health changed from [700, 1400, 2800] to [900, 1600, 3400].
  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [45, 90, 180] to [54, 108, 216].
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [50, 100, 200] to [60, 120, 240].
  • Ace Effect: The effect of the Warlock Alliance is now applied to 2 units in addition to the warlock itself, rather than one unit.


  • Ace for the Shaman Alliance.
  • Ace Effect: Extends the effects of the Shaman Alliance to your entire army.


  • Ace for the Deadeye Alliance.
  • Ace Effect: Grants Deadeye units True Strike. Units with True Strike cannot miss.


  • Ace for the Mage Alliance.
  • Ace Effect: Your army’s mana generation from attacks is increased 10% per Mage Alliance level.


  • Ace for the Scaled Alliance.
  • Attack Range changed from 4 to 3.
  • Ace Effect: Grants Scaled units Retaliate. When a unit with Retaliate is attacked, they apply a 25 dmg/sec per Alliance level debuff to their attacker.
  • Stone Gaze:
    • Radius changed from 4 to 3.

Ogre Magi:

  • Ogre Magi will cast Bloodlust on himself first, and then on allies ordered by distance, closest first.


  • Ace for the Inventor Alliance.
  • Ace Effect: Grants Inventor units Chain Reaction. If an enemy dies as a result of Unstable Reactor, they explode just as if they had Unstable Reactor.

Troll Warlord:

  • Ace for the Troll Alliance.
  • Attack Rate changed from 1.0 to 1.3.
  • Ace Effect: Grants your units Mini-Bash: While attacking, your team has a 5% chance per Troll Alliance level of stunning their target for 0.25 seconds.



  • Newly added Tier 2 Contraption.
  • Has 400 Health and 20 Armor.
  • Two placeable barriers to block enemies and ranged attacks. Immune to spells.

Target Buddy:

  • Newly added Tier 2 Contraption.
  • Has 1000 Health and 10 Armor.
  • Taunts enemies and draws fire. Can equip items.

Healing Ward:

  • Newly added Tier 3 Contraption.
  • Has 200 Health.
  • Heals friendly units within 1 cell for 20hp/s.


  • Newly added Tier 4 Contraption.
  • Has 2000 Health and 20 Armor.
  • Ally and enemy heroes spawn zombies when they die within 2 cells of the Tombstone.


Shaman: Now requires 2 heroes to activate, down from 3 heroes to activate.

  • Units now have a 10% chance of being turned into a chicken when attacking a Shaman, down from 17%.

Assassin: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Assassin Level 1 (3 heroes): 300% crit damage chance increased to 15%, up from 10%.
  • Assassin Level 2 (6 heroes): 400% crit damage chance increased to 25%, up from 20%.

Elusive: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Elusive Level 1 (3 heroes): Evasion increased to 25%, up from 20%.
  • Elusive Level 2 (6 heroes): Evasion increased to 50%, up from 45%.

Warrior: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Warrior Level 1 (3 heroes): no changes (Armor bonus is +10).
  • Warrior Level 2 (6 heroes): Armor increased to +20, up from +15.

Oh and our hero odds changed one more time:

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