Introducing the Primordial Mage Assassin Build, otherwise known as the PMA build.

This is one of the best build at the moment and considered tier 1 in the current meta. It is also very fun to play with. The idea is to use the Primordials and their spawns to tank while relying on the high magic damage of Morphling and Razor which are amplified by the Mage . The Assassin are there to ensure that you are not weak to scaled builds and at the same time, our Viper, Queen of Pain, Sand King bring about disables and magic damage through their spells.

The beauty of this build is the multiple synergies between all the units and how well their skills fits in with one another allowing you to achieve multiple synergies at the same time.

In this build you would want to have 3 Mage and 3 Assassin 4 Primordials and maybe dragon knights if they are available.

Line up all your primordials to tank in the front and mages just behind the primoridals. Spread out the assassins all over the backline to protect weak mages.

A play through of this guide can be found here:

Top 1 Lord playing Mage Assassin Primordial Build

The key alliances and units in this guide are found below.

Key Units:

Key Units:

Key Units:

Supporting Units:

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