• Crashes? Smashed.
  • Fixed some iOS devices playing audio at a higher pitch.
  • More FX optimization and improvement.


  • Mana bar changes color when unit reaches full mana.
  • Added callout to Achievements tab when there are unclaimed achievements.
  • Added “Finding a match” indicator to the play button when in the queue.
  • Level-up button in shop now, on hover, previews XP increase from buying XP.
  • For Lords of White Spire: when starting a game, preview the MMR you’d gain from coming in first and lose from coming in eighth.
  • Misc UI improvements.


  • Adjusted hero tier distribution curves. Tier 4 and 5 pieces are somewhat more common at high levels (chart at the bottom of these notes).
  • Increased Tier 4 hero pool to 20 per hero.
  • XP is now given before the shop refreshes at the start of the round. If you gain a level at the end of a round, your shop for the next round is now based off that new level.
  • Shop refreshes no longer use the blacklist mechanic. Only user-initiated shop refreshes (i.e. rerolls, free and paid) use the blacklist mechanic.



  • Doom’s Doom now disables the Brawny health buff.


  • Now Tier 3.
  • Blade Fury now activates if there is at least 1 enemy in range (was 2 enemies).

Shadow Shaman

  • Voodoo will no longer be cast on an already-hexed enemy.

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