autochess game updates

Dear players,Auto Chess will carry out a server maintenance at 22:00 on 2019.08.08 (UTC) that lasts for 3 hours. During which you will not be able to log into the game. Server opening time is not sure yet.


1. Added new Piece – Fortune Teller
2. Blight Sorcerer is temporary removed from Casual, Ranked and other Mode. It will be back when the time is right.

New Function

1. Added new Fantasy Mode – Band of Brothers
2. Now you can send invitations to Chat channels while Teaming/ in Custom game
3. Added Blacklist function


1. Optimized Race & Class icons to clarify the difference
2. Added related Level and Gold info to in-game Leaderboard
3. Added “Damage to Chess Player” data in [Illustration] – [Piece] interface
4. Added losing HP details when defeated
5. Added Bonus Golds’ value of each round
6. Added the Opponent’s information at the beginning of each round
7. Optimized item icon
8. Optimized the basic level requirement for Casual Mode
9. Optimized players’ rank-up experience
10. Optimized the animation when getting Candies
11. Optimized the interaction when clicking reward icon of Novice Quest
12. Optimized the Novice quest “Follow”
13. Fixed the whitened pieces in “Best graphics”
14. Fixed the problem that Silence cannot take effect on Tortoiseshell elder and Wind Ranger
15. Fixed the wrong display of Leaderboard in-game
16. Fixed the abnormal animation when refreshing the piece Store
17. Fixed the abnormal effect of synergy Witcher (1) (2).
18. Fixed the problem that when dragging Strange Egg, sometimes Druid piece might be wrongly highlighted.
19. Fixed the login problem for Facebook account

Item Adjustment

1. Deleted Items: Bone Claw, Nether Essence, Crystal of Devil Blood, Elf Headwear, Cappa, Pulse Staff(Level 3), Pulse Staff(Level 4) and Pulse Staff(Level 5)
2. Combination chain for Crystal Sword: Broken Sword + Broken Sword
3. Combination chain for Dragonbone Shield: Shield + Life Crystal. New effect: +250 HP, grants a 50% chance to block 50 physical damages while being attacked
4. Combination chain for Scythe of Vyse: Mysterial Staff + Magicka Crystal. New effect: + 15% Skill damage, increase mana regeneration by 50% while dealing damage and being attacked
5. Steel Platemail can’t be obtained from drops but through combination. The combination chain: Cattlehide Armour + Cattlehide Armour
6. Added new items: Oblivion Staff, can be obtained through combination. Combination chain: Wooden Club + Fish Fork. Effect: grants 20 ATK, 10% attack speed and 50% hit rate
7. Combination chain for Monkey King Bar: Oblivion Staff + Ghost Blade
8. Combination chain for Heart of Tarrasque: Dragon Blood Axe + Life Crystal
9. Combination chain for Pulse Staff(Level 1): Magicka Crystal + Magicka Crystal. No changes for Pulse Staff(Level 2). New effect for both: Gains 100% mana regeneration while dealing damages
10. Combination chain for Voodoo Staff: Magicka Staff + Magicka Staff


[Overwhelming Synergy] of this week : Warrior. (Ranked top 1 in Hot & Winning rate)
– Werewolf – adjusted Summoner’s attack from 70/115/160 to 60/100/140
– Pirate Captain – adjusted his Armor from 10 to 8
– Knight (6) Synergy – adjusted damage-reducing shield effect from 25% to 30%
– Tortola Elder – adjusted charging time from 3 to 2 seconds, attack damages from 300/450/600 to 300/400/500
– Ripper- adjusted its Armor from 5/7/9 to 6/8/10
– Venom – now Viper Strike will take the enemy with the highest attack speed as target
– Tsunami Stalker- adjusted duration of Stunning effect caused by Ravaging Tentacles from 2 to 1.5 second
– Siren – adjusted the reduction of target’s attack speed from 30% to 20% when facing an enemy piece
– Dwarf – New effect – attack enemy with the lowest HP within his range
In order to provide you with a better gaming experience, our game will be updated according to your suggestions.Thanks for your support and understanding.

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