Autochess Update 31st July 2019

Online update on 31 July, from the Autochess team.

Dear Player,

Auto Chess will carry out an online update at 22:00 on 2019.07.31 (UTC) for 20 minutes. If you quit or get disconnected in the middle of game, you cannot reconnect to the previous match, and the result won’t be counted in the settlement. Please arrange your time reasonably.

1. New Piece available – Ghost Prophet
2. Ogre Mage is temporarily removed from Casual, Ranked and other Mode, it will be back when the time is right.

Now the game is more balanced, and for your better game experience, the balance update will become less frequent.

Thanks for your support.

The removal of Ogre Magi will no doubt make mage builds even harder to get, but we shall see with the latest patch whether Ghost Prophet will help us in the late game.

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