elusive assassin dragon

Hi guys, another strategy that is highly synergistic and strong, the elusive assassin dragons! The high DPS from the assassins coupled with the elusive bonus makes them killers that are fairly tanky!

Key Alliances

Key Units


  • Assassins are strong against enemy squishies, especially those going for a mage strategy
  • Assassins blink may confuse AOE damage


  • Assassins may lose against tankier lineups such as troll knight or full warriors

Early game

  • Bounty, Queen of Pain, Morphling are good units to get for an early assassin lineup
  • Get some tanky lineups like Axe and Jugg to distract their attacks

Mid game

  • You can switch for 6 assassins here, and get Puck and Viper for the 2 dragon bonus

Late game

  • Get some AOE late game units or even Dragon Knight for the late game tankiness.

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