savage druid

This time another build with a dominating early game and a strong late game! Introducing the savage druid dragon build! The attack damage from the Savage synergy coupled with the high DPS from units like Dragon Knight and the tokens from Druids make this a solid build.

Accurate up to Update of 17 July 2019 – Passive item changes

Key Alliances

Key Units


  • 2 Druids in the early game gives you a free level 2 unit, which you can use to snowball quickly.
  • Savage synergy can be completed fairly easily thanks to Tusk, Enchantress and the new common Venomancer
  • Can transition to a late game rather flexibly as you don’t have to maintain level 2 units and go all in on the druid strategy


  • Druids are highly contested
  • Druid’s power level tapers off quickly so make sure you transition to a more powerful strategy
  • Dragon Knight are highly contested so you need to keep an eye out for him

Early game

  • Get 2 druids for the easy level 2 unit.
  • Get another savage unit like Tusk or Venomancer for savage synergy

Mid game

  • You are very flexible here, you can choose to build up the savage synergy and go full savage, or you can also go for druids once you get Lone Druid.
  • Try to get some good savage units like Sand King and Lycan as an alternative.

Late game

  • With the money you save from not upgrading druids, you can go for more expensive units such as Troll Warlord or Doom to complete your lineup.

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