9 Warriors

A common strategy that is also beginner friendly – introducing the 9 warriors strategy!

Accurate up to Update of 17 July 2019 – Passive item changes


  • Easy to build – Tusk, Axe, Tiny are common pieces so easy to get them in the early game
  • Extra synergies – Usually when you pick up 9 warriors you can easily get 2 Savage, 2 Brawny synergy
  • Extra tanky, can easily outlive the squishy lineups


  • Warriors are highly contested
  • Sometimes enemies are boxed in a corner, and your melee warriors can’t hit them
  • Warrior’s power level taper off in the mid game if you don’t get the strong key warriors

Early game

  • Focus on getting the early warriors – Axe and Jugg are 2 warriors you should get for the brawny bonus
  • Try to complete 3 warriors to get the minimum tankiness

Mid game

  • The warrior power spikes comes when you get Doom and Kunkka, you might lose a few rounds until you get these few units
  • Supplement your lineup with strong backlines such as hunters or assassins

Late game

  • Find troll warlord! He is key to the lineup as well as the last warrior
  • You can add Enigma, Techies or other Legendary units as your back line before you have your full formation

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