autochess game updates

Auto Chess will carry out a server maintenance at 22:00 on 2019.07.23 (UTC) that lasts for 3 hours. During which you will not be able to log into the game. Server opening time is not sure yet.

S2 is coming! Chess Pass will be available at 16:00 July 24th. Players who played since season 1 will all get a Mysterious Chest.


1. Added new Pieces: Shining Archer
2. Added In-game Items Inheritance System: The items of the defeated chess player will be randomly assigned to the currently surviving player with a 50% probability
3. Added special effects for Win Streak and Lose Streak
4. Added “Draw x5” function in Gacha
5. Added Items Preview function
6. Added different colors to distinguish the Class Synergy and Race Synergy
7. Added Candy Coupon and Donut Coupon (for International Server)
8. Added new limited-time Direct Purchase Store
9. English version for Pieces and Chess players’ voices
10. Exclusive Seasonal Avatar Frame reward for Queen players

Items Adjustments

1. Deleted Item: Ring of Regen
2. Changed combination chain for Anti- Mage Cloak: Ring of Life + Resistance Cloak. New effect: Life regeneration increase by 10, magic resistance increase by 30%.
3. Changed effect of all the items that can reduce the enemy’s magic resistance while attacking: increase skill damage.
4. You will get for sure the Items T2 after killing Black Dragon King, Nian Beast and Roshan; and the Items T4 from Glacial Fire Hunter, Glacial Frost Hunter and Yellow Thunderhide.

Chess Pass System Optimization

1. Added Chess Pass Chess Store
2. You can now get Pass Points from the games, and a Pass Points bonus from Featured Pack.
3. Optimized “Quests” system
4. Added new limited-time Direct Purchase Store
5. Added limited-time Cash only Items, and you will be gifted with Candies after purchasing them


1. Optimized the skill effect for most of the Pieces.
2. Optimized Trajectory effect: new parabolic effect
3. After the update, the amount of existing Candies, and the amount of Candies acquired or consumed will be ten times than that before the update
4. Optimized audio while attacking and releasing the skills
5. Optimized Background Music at the Homepage and while battling
6. Optimized Store interface and Gacha animation
7. Optimized some in-game texts
8. Optimized presentation of the amount of the Pieces available on the chessboard
9. Optimized presentation of Star level
10. Optimized Items’ utilization and verification rules
11. Optimized some models and actions
12. Optimized length authorized for user name
13. Optimized the problem that you might meet the same enemy Chess player in a row during the game
14. Optimized the interval between the action of the Pieces, in order to avoid the Pieces being “daze”.


1. Fixed bug that not qualified player could unblock Fantasy Mode after Team up
2. Fixed problem that Frantic Mask will silence the item
3. Fixed wrong presentation of Race & Class in settlement interface”


[Weak Synergy] of last week: Warlock. (Ranked the last in Hot & Winning rate Rankings)
– Warlock- Adjusted Class Synergy (3)(6) to Class Synergy (2)(4)(6); adjusted Synergy effects to: Grants 10%/20%/30% lifesteal to allied attacks and skills
– Venomancer- HP regeneration increased from 40/60/80 to 50/75/100 when its skill activates
– Shadow Devil: adjusted the CD of Requiem of Shadow from 20 seconds to 15/12/10 seconds.
– Kira Mage – Ally with highest ATK and is not in “”Irritated”” state will take the “Irritate” effect
– Goblin – Race Synergy (6): Bonus Armor for all allied pieces is adjusted from 12 to 15.
– Knight – Class Synergy (6): Damage reduction of shield is decreased from 30% to 25%.
– Devastator- Decreased Physical Damage of Delayed Action Bomb from 700/1100/1500 to 600/1000/1400.
– Strange Egg – Increased Strange Egg’s draw rate
– Claw Wand – It will activate when enemy piece has full Mana. “

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