The idea here is to use Crystal Maiden to boost Arc Warden’s mana to exponentially clone himself. Equip Refresher’s Orb on Arc Warden to make him multiply faster and shred your enemies.

Because of Arc Warden’s passive which enables his clones to use the items he has, it is also recommended to equip him with Dagon or other items if you have multiple Arc Wardens on the field.


  • No need for frontline, a bunch of Arc Wardens is the future
  • Can deal massive damage due to the amount of Arc Wardens
  • Can combo with other mana-hungry units such as KOTL


  • Susceptible to AOE
  • Item reliant (needs Refresher Orb)

Early game

For early game, you can start with a elemental strategy, starting with Tiny and Morphling, while collecting Arc Wardens and Crystal Maidens.

Mid game

For middle game, you can build a tanky frontline with units that need mana such as Kunkka and Lone Druid. You can also try to get Nature’s Prophet and Venomancer to use the mana generation by Crystal Maiden.

You can also get Disruptor to get the 2 Shamans bonus.

Late game

The late game lineup should be like this

  • 2 x Arc Warden
  • 4 x Crystal Maiden
  • Razor
  • KOTL
  • Kunkka
  • Disruptor

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